We bring people together to rediscover our shared humanity

Our Vision

It’s simple:
we are all human.

This fundamental truth can inspire, heal, and unite us. Circumstances at birth should not determine opportunities in life.

We all deserve a fair chance. We deserve to be valued and heard regardless of race, religion, nationality, culture, gender or other constructs. We believe in a world where racism, in all its forms, is totally unacceptable.

Inclusion is not just a moral imperative, it is the smart choice.

Openness enhances a person’s beauty, inside and out. With a broader perspective, we shift from fearing limitations to appreciating the abundance in the world and inside of us.

Today, information is increasingly curated in filter bubbles that serve specific tastes and leave out opposing viewpoints. When you live inside a bubble, you are cut off from the richness of diverse perspectives. You are limited. The We Are All Human Foundation is dedicated to bursting these bubbles, revealing a world of abundance where everyone has enough air to breathe.