We Are All Human Ambassadors are a community committed to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion for all. We Are All Human Ambassadors already live by We Are All Human’s principles, they now want others to join the movement.

10×10 Campaign: 10 Facts, 10 People


Welcome! In August 2018, we conducted the first annual Hispanic Sentiment Study. We measured the sentiments and outlooks among the Hispanic Community on topics such as the political landscape, business and education, and personal values. We studied more than 2,500 US Hispanics and Latinos aged 14 and older. Our main finding was that a surprising 77 percent of respondents were unaware of recent positive developments and accomplishments achieved by the Hispanic Community in recent years. Meaning that Hispanics themselves don’t know how powerful they are. As a WAAH Ambassador, you will help us change this statistic. Together, we will not only remind Hispanics how powerful they are, but we will show the world how strong we are. Unidos We Are Strong.

On December 10th, we took our first step towards our Vision 2020 during the Hispanic Leadership Summit, which gathered Hispanic leaders for an important and action-oriented discussion where we defined our shared agenda. Throughout the Summit, we determined that the goal of the Vision 2020 agenda is to unify as a Hispanic Community by focusing on: education, financial empowerment and perception/narrative.

Since then, we have launched the 10×10 Campaign: 10 Facts, 10 People.

Objectives: It is time to start talking about the power and beauty of the Hispanic Community. By sharing 10 Facts with 10 People, you are showing your commitment to the Hispanic Community and doing your part in achieving the Vision 2020 Agenda. You also become a We Are All Human Ambassador. Our Ambassadors play in key role in the success of the 10×10 Campaign. After all, an information campaign maximizes the spread of information and we need your help to do this!


Did you know that once Hispanics know these facts, they feel prouder (61%), willing to take action (56%) and realize their Community should be more valued (82%)?

Your action makes a difference!

We want to celebrate HACE’s activation of their 64,000 members. The facts have been gathered by the amazing Latino Donor Collaborative.

I have completed the 10 x 10 Campaign!