I never thought in my life about The Oscars as a great example, in fact I’ve never been a big fan of them, but yesterday I was highly impressed with the number of speeches that talked about diversity and inclusion, by the number of talent and quality of the films we produce. The film industry is the example to follow, Roma is a beautiful example of this Hispanic talent — but also, did you know that 5 of the last 6 Best Director winners have been from Mexico? Or that there were 15 Mexican animators working in the spider verse movie?

That’s exactly who we are, that’s exactly how we should look in institutions, politics and media: as winners, hardworkers, unstoppables, as one of the most visible and powerful groups in America. I can not imagine the great number of talented Mexicans, Cubans, Ecuadorians, Venezuelans, etc that are now an active part of the creative industry in the US. I hope in the future we keep seeing more and more of you, and that more and more Hispanics get recognized for their talents 👏

Truth is culture is what’s giving us the first glimpse of the future for Hispanics, we are getting ahead in music, social media, movies… The rest of the media industry has a lot of work to do to increase the share of voice, to increase visibility. Lets keep on building on what the entertainment industry is doing and take this example to every other space where we want to see better representation, so that we can see not just film makers, but a couple of CEOs in the future speaking spanish in their speeches.

And for all the winners that came up stage and shared messages about inclusion, respect, acceptance and unity, bravo for being brave and for seizing the opportunity to share powerful messages that can change the world. Cheers to always raising our voice!

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