June 7, 2022 | 3M Center, Maplewood, MN

The Hispanic Leadership Summit Regionals are excited to head to Minneapolis for the first time to gather the regions Hispanic and ally leaders to aligns and strategize effective advancement for the Hispanic community. Bringing insights from the national conversation with nuanced focuses specific to the region, the Midwest Regional will have solutions-oriented conversations around key issues and opportunities, inspiring cross-sector stakeholder collaboration to move the needle for the Hispanic community in 2022 and beyond. 


In person with livestream


8:00 – 8:30 AM CT Welcome Remarks
An introduction to the Midwest Regional Hispanic Promise Summit summarizing an overview of the objectives of the day and next steps that will follow the learnings of the summit.

  • Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder & CEO, We Are All Human

8:30 – 8:55 AM CT Cochair Keynote 

  • Dr. Juan Andrade, President, USHLI

8:55 – 9:05 AM CT Host Introduction   

  • Silvia Perez, President & General Manager Commercial Solutions Division, 3M

9:05 – 9:15 AM CT Host Welcome Remarks 

  • Mike Roman, CEO, 3M

9:15 – 9:20 AM CT Hispanic Leadership Program Introduction
An introduction to the Midwest Regional Hispanic Promise Summit summarizing an overview of the objectives of the day and next steps that will follow the learnings of the summit.

  • Beth Brady, Board Member, We Are All Human

A-Z of Hispanic Data, Insights and Trends
9:20 – 9:30 AM CT 2020 Census & the American Community Survey Highlights
Representing the force for growth in the US, this presentation will focus on population trends across the Hispanic community to understand the current state and what to expect in the future.

  • Roberto Ramirez, Assistant, Division Chief, Special Population Statistics, U.S. Census Bureau

9:30 – 9:40 AM CT Latinos in the US and MN: a history in progress, demographics
Hispanics are a multicultural and important part of the US population. They represent not only growth but also power and energy to thrive. Nevertheless they are often misrepresented and face unique barriers. Join us to learn more about the current state of the Hispanic community, particularly within our region.

  • Rodolfo Gutierrez, Executive Director, HACER

9:40 – 9:50 AM CT The Latino Community in the Midwest
An overview of the key facts and figures about the region’s Hispanic community economic impact and trends.

  • Megan Dayton, Senior Demographer, Minnesota State Demographic Center

Good Health & Well-Being
9:55 – 10:35 AM CT Elevating Health & Wellness
Coming out of the global pandemic, health and wellness has been a prioritized discussion over the last two years. From farmers to businessmen, various areas of health and well-being have been under the microscope, from mental health, to access to healthcare, to activating healthy lifestyles through sport and physical activity. What is inhibiting best practices in these areas for the Hispanic community? What can be done to address the key barriers faced by the community? This conversation will explore this.

  • Jonathan Echevarria, Sexual Health Educator and Youth Program Coordinator, Centro Tyrone Guzman
  • Rosa Tock, Executive Director, Minnesota Council on Latino Affairs

10:35 – 11:00 AM Coffee Break & Group Photo

Gender Equality
11:00 – 11:40 AM CT Latina Leaders: Closing the Gap
Latinas are the key to the success of the Hispanic community. Yet, Latinas are one of the lowest paid groups in the country, largely underrepresented and misrepresented in media, and relatively absent from key industries. In fact, Latina Equal Pay Day was moved back over a month this year to reflect the massive pay gap. How do we elevate Latinas and help them flourish? What cultural, societal and economic paths have brought successful Latinas to the top? This session will be a conversation to discuss best practices for supporting the advancement of Latinas in the workplace and beyond.

  • Carla Manzoni PhD, Community Engagement Manager, LatinoLEAD
  • Silvia Ontaneda-Everson, Chief Executive Officer, Trade Center of the Americas
  • Gayle Fuguitt, Board Member, YWCA USA
  • Patricia Tototzintle, President & CEO, Esperanza United
  • Moderator: Gloria Pérez, CEO, Womens’ Foundation of MN

Quality Education
11:40 – 12:20 PM CT Equipping the Workforce of the Future
Understanding some key skills and industries of the future, what will it take to ensure that access to education and skilling opportunities are available across the Hispanic community? From early education, to mentorships, to partnerships with academic institutions or community organizations and to professional development, how can we provide access to quality education and development opportunities? Let’s explore.

  • Basil Ajuo, CEO, Local council of the African Diaspora in MN
  • Patricia Conde-Brooks, Executive Director Student Engagement and Inclusion, University of St. Thomas MN
  • Irma Márquez Trapero, Executive Director, Latino Lead
  • Patricia Torres Ray, Minnesota Senate
  • Moderator: Delia Gutierrez McLaughlin, Principal Engagement Lead, Amazon Web Services

12:20 – 12:25 PM CT Hispanic Star Programs: LRN

  • Alejandro Rothschuh, Latino Resource Network Chair, 3M

Decent Work & Economic Growth
12:25 – 1:00 PM CT Successful Workplaces & Leaders of the Future
Corporate America is playing catch up on how to best support and elevate the workforce of the future, the Hispanic community. From ensuring they have properly skilled employees, having diverse representation from their boards to entry level talent, and contracting diverse suppliers. How can businesses and institutions be prepared? How can we build an ecosystem for leadership developments that fosters a pipeline of equipped leaders of the future across sector and industry? Let’s discuss!

  • Eduardo Platon, President & CEO, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Henry Jimenez, Executive Director, Latino Economic Development Center
  • Ambar Hanson, Community Relations Officer, Mortenson Family Foundation
  • Marina Pariseau, Chief Diversity Officer, 3M
  • Moderator: Alfredo Martel, President & CEO, MEDA


1:00 PM – 2:30 PM 

1:00 – 1:15 PM CT Lunch Break

1:15  – 1:35 PM CT Hispanic Stars Fireside Chat
Join us for a conversation with Jimmy Longoria to explore the role of arts in the empowerment of the Hispanic community. Let’s discuss the impact of art and how it is a valuable tool to create calls to action, to move emotions and to generate change.

  • Jimmy Longoria, Artist
  • Marlene Lopez Ibarra, Strategy Director Country Governance and Services, 3M

1:35 – 2:00 PM CT Elevating the Hispanic Narrative: Hispanic Heritage Month
Let’s unite forces for Hispanic Heritage Month and set the record straight. Let’s sing from the same song sheet, let’s sing together to break through the noise. D&I conversations nationwide are at the forefront, it is important to use this moment to bring US Hispanics together in unified recognition of their contributions to this country and bring attention to the needs and opportunities to support the advancement of this fundamental American community.

  • Mark Ritchie, President, Global Minnesota
  • Amalia Moreno-Damgaard, Entrepreneur, Amalia Latin Gourmet & Women Entrepreneurs of MN


2:15 PM – 4:00 PM 

Mobilizing Corporate America
2:15 – 2:20 PM CT Welcome Back

  • Beth Brady, CMO, Chief Outsiders

2:20 – 2:55  PM CT Local Consuls Converse
Join us for a conversation with the Consuls representing a variety of LATAM companies in the region sharing the experiences of their communities as US Hispanics and the opportunities to collaborate between countries of origin as one Hispanic community.

  • Head Consul Ivan Roberto Sierra, Consul General of Mexico to the Midwest
  • Consul Federico Guerrero, Consulate General of El Salvador in Chicago
  • Honorary Consul Teresa Palacios Olson, Honorary Consul of Chile in Minnesota
  • Consul Sandra Cruz,  Consulate General of El Salvador in St Paul, Minnesota
  • Moderator: Cristina Antelo, CEO, Ferox Strategies

2:55 – 3:25 PM CT Hispanic Promise Panel
A gathering of C-Suite Execs who have signed the Hispanic Promise, committing to take action to prepare, hire, promote, retain or celebrate Hispanics in the workplace. Together we will hear about the important work being done and highlight the importance of leading with purpose  Additionally, these leaders have championed the Hispanic Star within their companies, using it as a tool and resource to uplift their employees and build genuine connections with their Hispanic consumers and local communities.

  • Maggie Rivera, VP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Strategy Manager, US Bank
  • Greater Cleveland Transit Authority
  • Moderator: Silvia Perez,  President & General Manager Commercial Solutions Division, 3M

3:25 – 3:45 PM CT Hispanic Star: Reaching the Hispanic Community
The Hispanic consumer is slowly gaining well-deserved recognition for the impact and growth that they represent, across sector and industry! This conversation will explore how to effectively reach and accurately represent this growing consumer base as a win-win for all. How can this engagement also elevate and better support community advancement?

  • Maria Moreno Homes, Producer, Hablando Entre Panas MN
  • Moderator: Maya Santamaria, President, CEO, La Raza Radio

3:45 – 3:55 PM CT Keynote: Unity in Minneapolis

  • Mayor Jacob Frey, City of Minneapolis

3:55 – 4:00 PM CT Closing Segment
Gather back together for final thoughts.

  • Beth Brady, CMO, Chief Outsiders


Alfredo Martel


Amalia Moreno-Damgaard


Ivan Roberto Sierra

Consul General of Mexico to the Midwest

Juan Andrade

President, USHLI

Maria Reagan Gonzales

Mayor, Richfield, MN

Mark Ritchie

President, Global Minnesota

Melissa Lopez Franzen


Patricia Torres Ray

Minessota Senate

Silvia Ontaneda

CEO, Trade Center of the Americas

Uri Camarena

Director, Business Development, MEDA

Strategic Committee

Adriana Alejandro Osorio

Managing Director, Aspen Young Leaders Fellowship

Alejandro Rothschuh

Latino Resource Network Chair, 3M

Carolina Gustafson

World Affairs Events Management, Global Minnesota

Catalina Valencia

Executive Director of Business Development, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development

David Dahlstrom

Director of Investor Relations, Hormel

Eusebio Perez

Director, Business Resource Groups, Prudential

Jorge Pastrana

SMD Strategist, Strategy & Marketing Development, 3M

Lisa Schalla

Project Director of Connecting Communities in the Americas, CF Leads

Marco Ortiz

MBA Global Operations and Business Liaison Director, GSC -Global Service Centers- Country Governance and Services, 3M

Marlenne Lopez Ibarra


Rodolfo Gutierrez

Executive Director, HACER

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