We promote equity,


and inclusion

What we do

Our activities aim to shift perceptions and attitudes in favor of humanity

We use the power of dialogue to create understanding and remind us that united, we are stronger.
Our thematic expertise:

Earth's nature

Sustainability and Purpose


Diversity and Inclusion

Earth's communications

Hispanics and Latinx in the US


We advocate for the people left behind, the forgotten and marginalized. We advocate with policy-makers and strategic partners to ensure equity, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of social, economic and political agendas.

We advocate through narrative-change focused on building bridges and uniting us as humanity.

We create content that highlights the champions making a difference and encourages the progress the world is making.

Among our platforms is our podcast, the Global GoalsCast, which serves as our megaphone for stories that remind us that we are all human. The podcast talks about progress and shines a light on inspiring stories.


We convene a diverse coalition of partners to spur a global mindset in support of inclusion. We create safe and nurturing spaces for people to share perspectives and forge unity of effort.

We leverage the power of collective initiative, catalyzing well-tested networks and reaching across new frontiers to drive change on the ground. We host experiential events that bring shared values to life. Our events range from intimate gatherings over meals to impactful global fora, including Davos, Cannes Lions, and the UN General Assembly.


The Beauty in Togetherness

Diverse people united talking about inclusion


The Beauty in Togetherness

Diverse people united talking about inclusion

Most of us believe in one humanity and see the beauty in togetherness. Many lack the skills, confidence, and resources to bring these share values to life.

We provide training and skills development, online and offline, to help people, especially women, to gain the ability to realize their potential and make a greater contribution to society. These skills include public speaking, personal branding, and networking.



Creativity and content creation

Content creation and dissemination

  • We are storytellers for good. And we love podcasts! We produce the Global GoalsCast to talk about progress and highlight champions making a difference
  • We create, curate, aggregate and commission pieces of content that will remind us we are one- be gender equality, migration, or race.
  • Corazon Latino. We highlight Hispanic champions and success stories on multiple channels – TV, podcast, social, white papers and newspapers.
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  • We want to change narratives and set agendas that change the world. We advocate for girls, for diversity and inclusion, and for a fair chance for all.
  • We bring our message to conferences and inside corporations that need to build internal support and create coalitions.
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  • We create communities and platforms for champions making a difference. We host kick off events for annual milestones such as Davos, Cannes Lions and the United Nations General Assembly
  • We curate experiential events by bringing the power of sound to dinners or panels. We darken the room and make sound the focus, sharing powerful narratives and opening minds to the uncomfortable. In the dark, we are all equal.

Training and skill development

  • We are keen to increase access, including the access to thought.
  • We offer training and skill development on-line and off-line on soft breakthrough skills* (especially for women).
    *Soft skills workshops include– public speaking, personal branding and networking.