December 7 & 8, 2022 | New York

Throughout 2022, regional Hispanic Leadership Summits took place nationwide to dive deeper into the discussions and insights from the 2021 HLS. These regionals informed and advanced the shared action plan for the community to which diverse stakeholders can collaborate on together. The theme of the summit will be ‘An Agenda of Progress & Pride’. Discussions will focus on priority areas for the community, but with a solutions-oriented lens with a POSSIBILISTIC mindset around action for and pride in the Hispanic community. Additionally, with the HLS falling on 2022’s Latina Equal Pay Day, it will provide a visibility platform for key conversations around this glaring inequity.

The Hispanic Leadership Summit will be data-driven, consensus-seeking, high-level, interactive and inspirational for Hispanics and non-Hispanics to sing from the same song sheet and create intentional networks of support to progress, celebrate and uplift the community. 

The Hispanic Leadership Summit will be 1.5 days of programming and networking to facilitate the creation of networks of support that will advance key areas for the Hispanic community in 2023 and beyond.