Honors Anne Fontaine, Raúl de Molina, and Richard Montañez for their exemplary contributions

NEW YORK, October 11th, 2023: The third annual We Are All Human Gala set for December 7th, 2023, at the Gotham Hall in New York City, will be dedicated to mobilizing support for the Hispanic community and celebrating the incredible Hispanic contributions to the country. The Gala brings together the Latino leaders and allies across the business, entertainment and arts, sports, fashion, and other sectors.

The Gala is delighted to highlight champions uplifting the community. Anne Fontaine, renowned for her outstanding contributions to the world of fashion and design; Raúl De Molina, a trailblazing figure in the realm of entertainment and media; and Richard Montañez, a visionary entrepreneur and advocate for Hispanic empowerment, will be celebrated for their extraordinary accomplishments and dedication.

Four prominent leaders are supporting the Gala as co-chairs. Nina Garcia, Editor in Chief of Elle Magazine, Marissa Solis, SVP of Global Brand and Consumer Marketing of the NFL, Consuelo Vanderbilt, a multifaceted artist, philanthropist and entrepreneur, and Lord Matt Scheckner, chairman at Advertising Week. Their commitment reflects the increasing collaboration with the Hispanic community across various industries.

The night of celebration, will be conducted by Abelardo Campuzano Jr. as the Master of Ceremonies, promises to be a night of inspiration and recognition. Campuzano, known for his charismatic presence and dedication to Hispanic causes, will guide the evening’s proceedings with grace and enthusiasm. Seth Herzog, resident comedian from Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, will join us as one of the special guests, symbolizing the significance of allyship and bridge building. His presence guarantees to infuse the evening with humor and entertainment, elevating its uniqueness and creating lasting memories for all attendees.

The event is made even more special by the We Are All Human Gala 2023 Host Committee, featuring prominent individuals who have lent their support and expertise. This distinguished committee includes Beatriz Acevedo, Judit Arenas, Mariana Cantú, Maria Cuba, Perla Tamez Casasnovas, Leopoldo Gout, Nina Vaca, Gabriel Rivera Barraza, Tony Lopez, Eleonora Tornatore, Robert Rodriguez, Fernando Salinas, Josue Estrada, Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Jessica Garcia, and Greg Lippman.

“This is the Met Gala for Latinos and our objective is to change the perception about the vital role Hispanics play in our society and recognize them as champions who uplift the community overcoming the challenges they encounter. Above all, it serves as a celebration of Latino culture, community, and accomplishments.” said Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder and CEO of We Are All Human.

To date, corporate sponsors of the Gala include Airbnb, Salesforce, AARP, BMS, Frito Lay, HMM Foundation, Macmillan, Pepsico, Perla Tamez Casasnovas, Telemundo, Southwest, S&P Global, Edelman, Paramount, USTA, Musco Lightning, P&G, Southwest Key Programs, Synchrony, among others. To know more about them, visit here.

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About We Are All Human:

We Are All Human is a registered 501 (c)3 public charity devoted to advancing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for all, with a particular focus on accelerating the progress of Hispanics in the United States.
We Are All Human’s instruments include Hispanic Promise (a first-of-its-kind non-legally binding national pledge to prepare, hire, promote, retain, celebrate, and buy from Hispanics in the workplace, signed by 300+ companies), Hispanic Star (a brand that represents Latino empowerment, unity, and pride). Hispanic Star Fund (A fund to match the needs of the Latino community with the support of Corporate America).

About We Are All Human

We Are All Human is a registered 501 (c)3 public charity devoted to advancing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for all, with a particular focus on accelerating the progress of Hispanics in the United States. Its biggest platform – the Hispanic Star – was a finalist on the 2023 Collective Social Innovation Award of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

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