• New Framework of Action Delivers Tools, Resources, Metrics and Community to Activate and Facilitate DEI Programs
  • NEW YORK: Feb 28th, 2023: The We Are All Human Foundation is holding its 3rd annual Hispanic Promise Summit tomorrow to further introduce a new comprehensive plan of action for companies to advance Latino diversity and inclusion strategies that help drive corporate growth.  The framework is the new iteration of the Hispanic Promise, the first-ever corporate pledge to prepare, hire, promote, retain, celebrate and buy from Hispanics.

    The Hispanic Promise Summit activates the Hispanic Promise Framework as a robust resource to guide companies in the development of their DE&I strategies with a particular focus on Hispanics, including tools, best practices, and self-reporting mechanisms. The full-day program includes presentations by subject matter experts, panels that share DE&I best practices, as well as an afternoon of workshops to better understand the expertise of the Hispanic Promise backer organizations and to continue enriching and enhancing the framework.

    “The new Hispanic Promise Framework was created to support the creation and the advancement of Latino strategies for corporate growth.  We know that mobilizing corporations is the most effective way to achieve social change for the Latino community. It is a win-win for everyone.  Given that Hispanics will account for 25% of the US population by 2050 (according population projections from the Census Bureau) , Hispanic progress is an engine for corporate progress.   We spent a full year collaborating intensively with a core team of corporations, Hispanic organizations and the University of Chicago to develop this comprehensive framework. We are excited to explore the framework tomorrow and look forward to an afternoon of workshops that will help drive meaning and momentum,” said  Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder and CEO of We Are All Human. 

    The new Hispanic Promise Framework is inspired by the model of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.  It allows companies to build achievable goals and further positions them to realize them by organizing a full set of activities, outcomes and resources to support objectives through the 6 pillars: Prepare, Hire, Promote, Retain, Celebrate, and Buy.   It was formally launched at Davos in January 2023, at the first official World Economic Forum press conference focused on Hispanics.

    Highlights of this year’s summit will include:

    • Data presentations by the Hispanic Association of Corporate Responsibility (HACR), the Bureau of Labor Statistics, CIEN+, Edelman, Latinos for Education
    • A conversation with Hispanic CEOs, sharing their “Diverse Paths to the Top”
    • A panel on the impact of Hispanic ERGs on internal development and support, understanding consumers, and activating participation in the community
    • A panel on the importance of partnerships and alliances to drive the Hispanic Promise
    • A panel on strategies for supporting, maximizing and recognizing Hispanic employees
    • The announcement of Hispanic Promise Awards and a Directory of Hispanic Organizations

    The Summit is sponsored by Anheuser Busch, IBM, NRG, P&G, ALLY, Unilever, Avocados From Mexico, Horizon Therapeutics, LaLiga, MLS Works, NationWide, Pfizer, U.S. Bank, Surety One and Synchrony.

    To learn more about the Hispanic Promise, click here

    About the We Are All Human Foundation

    The We Are All Human Foundation (WAAH) is a registered (501c3) non-profit. The WAAH mission is to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion. The We Are All Human Foundation has mobilized more than 300 companies to create more inclusive environments and provide assistance to the underserved. The Hispanic Star is a brand that acts as a platform to unite businesses, non-profits, community leaders and celebrities to accelerate the advancement of Hispanics in the US and to improve perception by celebrating the incredible contributions of Latinos to the country’s progress. www.weareallhuman.org 

    About We Are All Human

    We Are All Human is a registered 501 (c)3 public charity devoted to advancing Equity, Diversity & Inclusion for all, with a particular focus on accelerating the progress of Hispanics in the United States. Its biggest platform – the Hispanic Star – was a finalist on the 2023 Collective Social Innovation Award of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship.

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