The Hispanic Sentiment Study Examines Political Polarization, DEI Revolution, and the Effects of COVID-19

CANNES, June 21, 2023:  A comparative analysis of Hispanic sentiment from 2018 to 2023 reveals an alarming drop in how Latinos feel their values are shared or reflected by the majority of Americans, including big brands. The Hispanic Sentiment Study is a collaborative research project by the We Are All Human Foundation and Nielsen, powered by Toluna, and in partnership with TelevisaUnivision.

Only 42% of Latinos feel their values are shared and reflected by the majority of Americans; this represents a 20-point drop from 2018 (68%).

The initial 2018 study revealed that 54% of Latinos believed that big brands represented their values. However, this belief has dropped to 45% in 2023; in contrast, Latinos feel better reflected in small businesses by 67%, which serves as a warning note for big brands and companies.

Over the last five years, a critical period during which Latinos were disproportionately affected by COVID-19, economic turmoil, and political polarization. The Hispanic community has demonstrated resilience and continues to progress with a steady increase in its economic power, with its purchasing power growing to more than $2 trillion.

Equally troubling is the fact that while the popular belief is that representation of minorities has improved overall, only 46% of Latinos feel that their values are reflected in popular English-language news media and 51% for TV shows and movies. This marks a further decline from 55% in 2018.

On the other hand, Latinos expressed higher trust in Hispanic/Latino news and media compared to mainstream media, with an increase from 25% in 2018 to 32% in 2023. The largest increase in trust is observed among the GenX generation, with a gain of +14%. Spanish language usage has also significantly increased from 63% to 77% in 2023.

In a fortunate turn for brands and companies, the Latino position regarding brand engagement remains nearly identical to five years ago. 84% of Latinos are willing to show loyalty and favorability to big brands that demonstrate their interest through community involvement, and  83% are more likely to be customers if a brand plays a positive role in their community.

Additional data includes:
Latino identity has strengthened over the past five years through cultural elements such as language, music, food, and the value of hard work.
Pride and unity are on the rise among Hispanics. Latino pride has increased from 64% to 61% and the feeling of being unified as a community has risen from 48% in 2018 to 55% in 2023.
Latinos are united culturally but divided politically, with only 27% feeling unified as a political group.
Latinos feel even more undervalued than five years ago, with a significant portion (43%) still feeling undervalued in society, compared to 53% in 2018.
“The study findings are alarming; as Antonio Lucio would say, the feeling of being excluded from the mainstream is not just fixed by creating an investment around the Hispanic market. But also celebrating our values with the mainstream,” said Claudia Romo Edelman, Founder & CEO of We Are All Human. “The time to act is now. Every company needs to have a comprehensive Latino strategy. There is a massive opportunity to win the Latino market and also an opportunity to engage the general market by celebrating the Latino values that we all share, like and admire.”
“As the Latino community grows, so does its influence on American culture and trends, ” said Stacie de Armas, SVP, Diverse Insights and Initiatives at Nielsen. “The results of the 2023 Hispanic Sentiment Study bring a deeper understanding of Latinos’ experiences and will help you shape the future of your business for decades to come.”
“The results of the 2023 Hispanic Sentiment Study demonstrate just how critical it is for brands to invest in communicating to Hispanic consumers directly and authentically,” said Donna Speciale, President of U.S. Advertising Sales and Marketing at TelevisaUnivision. “As the most trusted brand for this consumer base, TelevisaUnivision has consistently spoken to and mobilized this market. When more brands lean in,  Latino consumers feel seen, heard and valued in the way they deserve to be.”

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