Hispanics are powerful: we are the people, the economic power, the entrepreneurs, the creatives, the academics. Hispanics are powerful – YOU are powerful. We want to spotlight you as the incredible Hispanic Star that you are.
What we need from you?

A 30 – 60 second video of you sharing what makes you a Hispanic Star.


Video must respond to this questions:

  • Who are you and what is your ancestral background?
  • What challenges have you overcome as a Hispanic in the U.S.?
  • What is your super power that makes you a Hispanic Star?

Script for sharing your story:

  1. My name is [FULL NAME]
  2. I am a [JOB TITLE, STUDENT, ETC.]
  4. The challenge that I’ve overcome as a Hispanic is [INSERT CHALLENGE]
  5. My super power is that [INSERT SUPER POWER]
  6. All of this makes me a Hispanic Star, ready to shine!

My name is Josefina Rodriguez.
My parents immigrated from the Dominican Republic and I am the descendent of Indigenous Taino people,  and both African and European bloodlines. I am the first generation in my family to be born in the United States.
The challenge that I’ve overcome as a Hispanic is poverty. My brave mother immigrated to the US for a better life, and raised 3 kids on her own, while working 3 jobs to do it. Growing up underprivileged, I know firsthand the multi-faceted economic struggles and barriers that many Hispanics face.
My superpower is my hard work and building of community. My immigrant mother did whatever she had to do to succeed and I’m going to do the same. It’s about succeeding, fulfilling the dream and then turning around and grabbing everybody else and making it happen for them too.
And that makes me a Hispanic Star, ready to shine!

Guidelines & recommendations for your video:

From Smartphone

  • Video length must be between 30-60 seconds
  • Hold your phone horizontally when you record
  • Record at 60 fps (do not activate the 120fps on an iPhone).
  • Use direct natural light, be sure to face the source of light, rather than having it behind.
  • Place your phone on a table or flat surface. Do not record in ‘selfie mode’.



Guide for your video

From XLR Camera

  • Record horizontally.
  • Use a tripod or a steady surface to place your camera.
  • Record at 60 fps.
  • Use direct natural light, be sure to face the source of light, rather than having it behind.


For the best sound quality, use a lavalier microphone with an AUX audio cable (in case of iPhone use a the AUX adapter). You can alternatively use your headphone’s microphone.

Test your audio prior to recording
Do not place the microphone too close to your mouth so your mic will not pick up your breathing or pops from letters like P and T.

If you do not have a microphone, try to record in a smaller room with more upholstery will help reduce the echo sounds

How to submit your video?
Please send your video to [email protected] and include HISPANIC STAR STORY in the email subject. We will review submissions to ensure the formatting matches the above guidelines. If there are necessary updates, a member of our team will notify you.
Video submissions will be shared on Hispanic Star social media channels and featured on the Hispanic Star YouTube channel.
By submitting this material you transfer ownership to the We Are All Human Foundation for edition & distribution.
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